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Arrival-800 Cover reveal and PromotionalArrival

The Eden Project was a dream.
To start the first extra-solar colony…
To avoid the mistakes of our past…
To start anew.

Three generations, born and raised on a starship hurtling through space.
To never know an open sky…
To never feel the wind on their face…
To never witness the sun rise or set.

It is up to the advance team to set foot on each of these worlds, conduct their surveys, and send their findings back to the colony ship.
So many questions…
So little time…
Such an enormous responsibility.

Everything must go as planned, for the welfare of all the colonists depends on them.
“Arrival” is a 170,000 word, stand-alone novel.

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Netcast-00-800-Cover-reveal-and-PromotionalFrontiers Saga: Fall of the Core

Netcast: Zero

At the dawn of a new century, the line between the real world and the virtual world has become nearly indistinguishable. Some claim that humanity is on the precipice of becoming one with our digital systems, despite centuries of effort at staving off that event. They claim that our dependence upon our digital technology is the doomsday weapon that will be our final undoing, and they warn that time is running out.

For independent field reporter Hanna Bohl, the end of humanity is just the beginning.

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Netcast01-800Frontiers Saga: Fall of the Core

Netcast: 01

As the Klaria virus sweeps across the planet, leaving death, and destruction in its wake, officials search for the man responsible for the bio-digital plague, beginning with their only real lead, text messages sent by a man referred to only as ‘Unknown.’

For field reporter Hanna Bohl, the crisis has given her the opportunity she has always dreamed of… A shot at the big leagues of broadcast journalism.

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Netcast-02-800 Cover reveal and PromotionalFrontiers Saga: Fall of the Core

Netcast: 02

Progression of the Klaria virus is finally showing signs of slowing, but with half the world’s population either dead or dying, it may be too little, too late. Despite the Unified Earth governments’ best efforts, entrepreneurs are still finding ways to profit from the catastrophe that is threatening to end humanity throughout the core worlds of Earth.

Although she now has the job she has always dreamt of, NCN:World reporter Hanna Bohl must brave her own fears and venture out into the devastated, plague-infected world, in order to find and present the stark realities that the human race must now face.

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