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Star Chart

This release will display the Sol or the Pentaurus system and give distance information and a graphical representation of the systems in each.

Launching/Changing Systems in the star chart:
When you launch the star chart you will have two options. Pentaurus or Sol System. Click on a system to select it. Then click enter to enter the system. If at anytime you would like to switch systems click the back button in the lower right corner of the window (next to the mute icon).

The star chart will focus on an object when double clicked (or by single clicking it and then clicking the “focus” icon in the tools panel) and give its basic information in the upper left corner of the screen. Use the mouse wheel or the zoom scale slider to the right to zoom in and out. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag to rotate the view in 3D.

To get distance information from one object to another just single click the object. The information panel in the upper left will change to reflect that object. The distance listed will be the distance between the currently focused object and the selected object. Double click any object to make it the focused object and center the screen to it.

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Click here to enter the Star Chart


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